Band Members

Travis Wills


Date of Birth03 December 1972
Country of BirthUnited States
Favorite Equipment
More About Travis

Originally from Houston, TX Powerhouse vocalist Travis Wills jumpstarted Infidel Rising in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. He actually started out as a drummer but found his calling as a singer later. Travis is well-known in the Dallas-Ft Worth metal community for his songwriting and mixing skills. He is highly collaborative with other bands and has done vocals for TYR and MILLENNIAL REIGN.

Travis started his own company, Black Swan Productions & Studio, which caters to emerging artists needing studio mixing, and event production services.

Chris Harris

Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals

Date of Birth20 January 666 AD
Country of BirthUnited States
Favorite Equipment
More About Chris

Chris Herring has always been deep into metal music with a progressive edge. He started learning classical guitar at the age of 12 and became inspired to play rock in his teens. Chris Herring is a veteran of the DFW music scene, most notably playing bass for Tx-based DREAMSTATE (1989-2008), and both playing and writing music for experimental prog metal band POWER OF OMENS. (2000-2005)

Chris met and befriended Wayne Stokely around 2010 when he played with MILLENNIAL REIGN for one year. They stayed in touch, hoping for an opportunity to write original music together. The timing was not right until 2017 when Infidel Rising approached Chris to fill in as bassist during their support performance for FATE’S WARNING @ Trees.

He had 7 days to learn the material and nailed it! Not long after, Chris joined the band permanently. “Chasing the Sun” was one of the first complete songs he collaborated on. The rest is history!

Alan DeLeon JR

Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Date of Birth
Country of BirthUnited States
Favorite EquipmentIbanez Guitars
More About Alan

Alan DeLeon Jr., known among us as A.J. He brings a rich musical lineage as the son of Alan DeLeon of Houston’s Regime, and refined under the tutelage of guitar legend Rusty Cooley of Outworld.

A.J.’s arrival marks a fresh surge of talent within our ranks. His extraordinary ability to meld complex compositions with intense melodic shredding perfectly complements our vision for the future of Modern Progressive/Power Metal. We are eager for you to experience the new dimensions he brings to our sound.

Wayne Stokely


Date of Birth07 December 1979
Country of BirthUnited States
Favorite Equipment
More About Wayne

A veteran of the music scene, Wayne has recorded and toured with many bands over the years including TYR, THE VALENTINE FAILURES, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, PROPHETS OF ADDICTION, RIVETHEAD and MILLENNIAL REIGN.

Wayne was born in Dallas, TX, began playing drums at age 6, and has never looked back. Versed in many styles, Wayne was always looking to form his progressive/power metal dream project which came to fruition when he joined forces with Travis in 2012. The rest, as they say… is history.

He has been a part of over a dozen bands, but most notable TYR, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, and MILLENNIAL REIGN.

Aaron Walton

Keyboard / Violin

Date of Birth31 January 1992
Country of BirthUnited States
Favorite Equipment
More About Aaron

Aaron comes from a classically trained music background and has a Master’s Degree in Church Music. Aaron joined the band in 2014 as a keyboardist. He is a skilled player of piano, organ, violin, and writes his own music.

He left the band in 2016 due to schedule conflicts and went on to finish his degree and continued to play the organ for churches. Once things settled down he rejoined the band in 2019. Because of his extensive education, the band dubbed him The Doctor.